The country’s largest animal treatment and wellness complex was opened in Vilnius

2023 01 31

Liisa Leitzinger, a Finn living in Lithuania, has found new homes for 1,500 dogs from Lithuanian shelters in Finland over the past 6 years. Seeing that animals have a lot of health problems, and there are no conditions to help them in Lithuania, she and her husband undertook a unique project – they invested family funds to create a unique rehabilitation center in Vilnius, where animals could recover after operations and serious injuries.

The country’s only animal rehabilitation centre is located in Lithuania’s largest animal treatment and wellness complex in Vilnius, Lazdynai micro-district, which was officially opened to the public today. The largest 24-hour animal hospital in Lithuania and many other services for pets are located here under one roof.

The largest animal hospital in the country with 24-hour veterinary doctors and an inpatient department, which already provides all the necessary animal treatment services not only for dogs and cats, but also for exotic animals – from disease diagnostics to the most complex operations and treatment in an intensive care hospital.

According to the press release, this is the first animal hospital in the city with a team of veterinarians physically on duty at the hospital 24 hours a day, not only on weekdays, but also on all holidays. In addition, the first animal blood bank in Vilnius will soon start operating in the hospital, which will allow life-saving animal blood transfusions to be performed in the capital as well.

The only complex of its kind in Lithuania is also home to the animal rehabilitation centre “Rubis”, which has no analogues in our country, with a swimming pool and a water track specially designed for four-legged animals – seriously ill and traumatised animals receive hydrotherapy and laser treatment procedures here, after which the dogs start walking again and enjoying their full potential. Specialists who have received education abroad work at the centre, as specialists with such qualifications are not yet being trained in Lithuania.

Animals in this complex are not only provided with the necessary treatment and health care, but also all other care services: there is a dog hotel, a day centre where you can leave your pet for just a few hours, a four-legged training room where owners bring their dogs to release energy, provided by animals massage, hairdresser, etc. services, organized seminars on animal health topics.

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